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Daughters Boutique Exclusive You Will Get Your Color Back Tee

Daughters Boutique Exclusive You Will Get Your Color Back Tee

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Flamingos are symbolic of beauty, love, passion and even healing. We know them as the vibrant pink birds we see all over in pictures, but did you know that they lose their color?

Much like mommas, when you’re busy with a newborn and raising your littles you find that you’re left giving them so much of you… it’s an instinct. We just do. For the flamingos this shows through the lack of nutrition, as they feed and care for their young. And, it is their nutrition that makes them the beautiful vibrant birds we know and love, thus their fade in color.

Ultimately, their vibrant color is part of their mating process. It means that they are healthy and ready. The lighter pink/gray color is actually a warning to others to say ‘I’m tired and I’m busy and I need some time.’ For humans it’s just not something that’s always noticed by others, but these animals have figured out how to leave a hair tie on the door handle ya’ll, and I think that’s so dang unique!

Sometimes things just get out of control and we hit this season that leaves us feeling lost. But, the beautiful side of it all is that eventually we WILL get our color back 🩷

These shirts were made exclusively for Daughters Boutique by Three Willow Company and I’m so pleased with how she brought my vision to life!

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